Native Geographic, LLC is pleased to offer a variety of services related to the fields of conservation, wildlife, forestry, botany, ecology, planning, geography, and education.  Native Geographic, LLC can draw upon a rich set of collaborators with diverse backgrounds.  If you are interested in a service not listed below, please contact us with your inquiry.



  • Forest Management Planning
  • Integrated Forest Inventories
  • Timber Harvests and Improvements
  • Green Certification
  • Community/Conserved Forest Management
  • NRCS Technical Service Provider for many forest management practices
  • Certified Forester, Society of American Foresters
  • Licensed Forester, State of New Hampshire


  • Restoration Planning
  • Stream and Wetland Buffer Design
  • Stream Buffer Plantings
  • Wetland Planting
  • Exclusion Fencing
  • Forest and Habitat Restoration
  • NRCS Technical Service provider for many restoration and planting practices


  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Wildlife and Habitat Inventories
  • Bat Surveys and Assessments
  • Wildlife Management Planning
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Restoration
  • Landscape Connectivity Modelling
  • Wildlife Road Crossing Assessments
  • NRCS Technical Service Provider for many wildlife management practices
  • Certified Wildlife Biologist, The Wildlife Society


  • Map Production
  • Geographic Analysis
  • Boundary Mapping
  • Trail and Road Mapping
  • GIS Database Development and Management
  • GIS/GPS Support


  • Conservation Prioritization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Easement Scoping and Development
  • Baseline Documentation Reports
  • Easement Monitoring
  • Conserved Land Management
  • Rapid Conservation Value Assessments
  • Natural Resource Inventories




  • Technical and Non-technical Lectures and Presentations on Natural Resource and Conservation Sciences
  • Natural History Field Trips and Presentations
  • Interpretive Materials
  • Community Participatory Planning
  • Curriculum Support
  • Citizen Scientist Facilitation and Training